Cason Couture

Pre-Order The Father's Day Halo Tequila Bottle

$ 230
The Halo Tequila Bottle was made using an ornate and labor intensive Mexican pottery tradition dating back to the 15th century called Talavera. Made by an artisan in Guanajuato, Mexico that makes the most premium Talavera we have ever seen. Talavera is a very desirable earthenware pottery style because of it's high-quality, bold colors, and unique designs brought to life during the Spanish colonial period. Even today, Talavera is still a very popular pottery style that is used in homes all over the world. Similar in style to the Clase Azul bottles, it is great for storing your mezcal and tequila! This bottle is 7.9" wide by 7.9" tall and can hold 750ml of liquid.
Made in Mexico

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